Monday, 30 May 2016

KM Editorial - Prague

Throwing it back to 2014, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Prague to attend an editorial course (primarily for hair) to shadow a professional photography experienced in this industry.

At the age of 16 my eyes were open to countless tips and tricks in this whirlwind of an industry, sparking my love for editorial photography. 

Incredible & inspirational.

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Not-so-traditional Photography

The dark room and I aren’t the best of friends but I love shooting with a film camera; there’s something about the composition working with film creates. 

As a compromise I developed the film to scan it in. Burning some of the negative strips helped to distort the image, a technique I found very effective. This shoot was part of my A2 exam prep; the distortion of ones face to connote anonymity of beauty.

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Exhibition 2016

Concluding my education at WCSF, WDS hosted the annual exhibition for A-Level Art and Photography students.

On the left are images from from my "personal project" unit; the unit required a personal exploration into any subject within photography. I decided to explore Editorial photography (considering I want to pursue in this field why not practise now?) inspired by primarily Tim Walker, with Irving Penn and Mario Testino. Tim Walker's gothic imagery inspired me to develop my compositions by creating various pieces (head garments, neck/ bracelet pieces, top, skirt) for my models to wear. The exhibition piece (centre) involves a pre-existing skirt with all the images from the unit sewn onto it, in a leaf shape. This accompanied by a top with pleated dress-net to create a fan texture, with my images sewn onto the hem in a flower shape.

To the right is my work from my exam unit; the topic question chosen was "Dramatic Images" and within this I had to explore aspects of dramatic images that fulfil the question brief. My finals represent the most successful pieces, inspired by Laurence DeMaison and Lucas Simoes. DeMaison's water distortions inspired me to explore this; I photographed a series of low key portraits and then places them in a tray of water - the movement of the water distorted the face which I photographed to exhibit. Simoes inspired me to distort through burning the image, I developed this further by layering images beneath the burnt composition.

I have absolutely loved my time at WCSF and will miss it dearly.

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Saturday, 28 May 2016


I’m 18. Eighteen.

You’d think my first steps in adulthood would be mature and well-heeled. Well, they were far from mature but at least they were well-heeled…

A birthday card I’d received read the quote, “Do what makes you happy.” (A little cheesy and deep for a birthday card if you ask me) and it’s that simple. Aside from the happiness gained from family, friends and food, there is no denying that I’m in love with both photography and fashion; and it’s those two subjects that inspired the creation and foundation of kerena.jpeg. 

In September I plan to pursue my dreams of becoming a world renown photographer in the fashion industry by going to NTU to earn my degree in photography. Kerena.jpeg will accompany me on this adventure, as I plan to write about my journey in photography, fashion, voyage and all the other stops along the way.

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