Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Chanel "Paris in Rome" campaign

These are just few of the many gorgeous compositions photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel's "Paris in Rome" campaign. Kristen Stewart showcases the pre-fall show collection, seductively enticing you into a world of the Italian sultry life framed by Parisienne decor, echoing the theme of the collection. 

The campaign premiered in December, to then debut in June magazines (I stumbled across the campaign earlier this week). Lagerfeld speaks of Stewart as "perfect for the Chanel image of today." would anyone dare to disagree? All the stunning actress has to do is gaze into the camera, only to instantly compose the alluring connotations of the image.

I fell in love with the campaign at first glance, the Parisienne decor framing the beauty of the composition, had me in awe. Kristen Stewart on the other hand, was an unexpected surprise for the campaign front. I almost immediately associate Stewart with Twilight (sorry) and would never pair her with the stylings of haute couture. However, Lagerfeld saw above my bland association of the actress and wiped my opinion completely off of the table. Kristen reinvents what it is to be Paris in Rome.

Upon researching the campaign, I came across "Once and forever" a film by Lagerfeld showing behind the scenes of a biopic on Gabrielle Chanel. Lagerfeld stars Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin in a short film portraying a unique, foul-mouthed actress cast to play the designer; and might I add, Kristen channels Coco phenomenally. As Kristen said, the designer "always provides the environment for a story to unfold" and he most definitely did...

Sit back and enjoy the amalgamation of fashion, culture, style and Coco.

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