Friday, 17 June 2016

KM International; run-down confidence on the runway

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Originally this post was going to be dedicated to a show I took part in last year and the experience gained from it. That's all well and good to share but I took something much less tangible than big hair and wicked shots; a build in self confidence.

Self confidence is something that nearly everyone struggles with. It can interfere with social situations, personal life, job prospects etc and can be difficult to salvage when needed most. 

Growing up, I had a nack of pretending to be confident; like an alter ego. It helped when performing, in social situations etc (things I could prepare for) but didn't really help when spontaneity struck and I had to become confident at the click of a finger. 

Kevin Murphy's international Trends Show is a hair and fashion show, showcasing the trends on hair and fashion straight from the catwalk. I managed to get a place on the team being the photographer; the brief was photographing back stage and on stage throughout the day/ evening of the show. However, when one of the models dropped out, I had to step in her shoes. Although I was happy to help, the thought of having under an hour to mentally build up the confidence to do what was required made me feel sick. But, dramatics aside the show was a success and rather than photographing the show, I took part in the editing. The build in confidence I gained from all of 20 minutes on stage was incredible and I would most definitely do it again. 

Enough about me, what I really want to talk about is that no matter how difficult the idea self confidence seems to you now, you can and will build it up.

There are two main aspects to self confidence; self-esteem and self-efficiency.
Self efficiency; When we see ourselves mastering skill and achieving goals i.e. hard work = success. We accept the challenges we face and persist.
Self esteem; allowing ourselves the right to be happy. The feeling of approval, not from others but yourself too. To be truly content inside and out.

So, here are a few things that can help to build confidence;

- Surround yourself with positivity; confidence is contagious but so is the lack of confidence.
- Experience; step outside your comfort zone. Baby steps can build a long way too. 
- Be assertive; your determination to strive for what you believe it will allow you to travel miles. 

Don't worry, be happy.

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